Lazare Ouedraogo

Lazare is an essential element for the proper functioning of Maison Integre’s ecosystem.
Invested since the genesis of the project, he now plays a central role in the management of the workshop, equipment and stakeholders. He is the supervisor, manager and mediator of all Maison Intègre activity in Burkina Faso.
“I met Ambre when she was still working at Canal +. I used to do odd jobs there. Thanks to her recommendations, I was able to find many other clients. This allowed me to create my own company. It was obvious that when she offered to support her in the making of Maison Intègre, I accepted. I knew absolutely nothing about bronze work. Over the years and with the pieces produced, I have been able to familiarize myself with all the bronze work. Maison Intègre is not an easy project with many technical and human challenges. The situation here in Burkina is really not easy on a daily basis. But, I like to tell myself that I allow craftsmen to live from their art and feed their families. Today, thanks to the trust built with Ambre, our relationship has gone beyond the stage of professional ties. For me Maison Intègre is family!”